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Cadillac to add small Car to its lineup

cadillacGM will expand its exclusive Cadillac only assembly plant by adding an all-new small car there, the automaker announced this week. The new vehicle will add 600 jobs to the Lansing Grand River plant in Lansing, Mich. GM says it will announce the name and look of the vehicle as well as when it will launch the car at a later time, likely at the L.A. or Detroit auto shows.

The new Cadillac will be a small car, according to GM’s CEO Dan Akerson. It’s an interesting move for GM’s flagship brand, which lacks a proper flagship vehicle to compete with the Lexus LS, Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 7 Series, but a smaller car also makes sense. It's unknown if the smaller car will be based on the Chevy Volt like the Cadillac Converj concept shown above.

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Hyundai Equus on SEMA

Hyundai Equus

Hyundai has already shown us its GoGoGear Racing Genesis Coupe and a Rhys Millen Racing Equus. Now we get two more looks at what they're bringing to SEMA this week. Hyundai has teamed up with DUB Magazine and Mummbles Marketing on a pair of Equus sedans.

Mummbles Marketing Elegant Equus for SEMA 2010 Mummbles Marketing, a new custom shop of out Harrisburg, PA, has turned the standard Equus into a luxo-custom it calls the "Elegant Equus." Mummbles didn't just focus on looks, however; some wrenching was done on the Equus' V8 engine, too. Thanks to a turbo kit from Legacy Innovations, a nitrous system and a Magnaflow exhaust, the Elegant Equus now produces 450 horsepower. Mummbles also adds an extra iPad.

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Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi Previewed to the Press

ferrari world in abudhabi

The first ever theme park dedicated to Ferrari and the largest of its kind, opened its doors to the international press on Wednesday. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi's much-anticipated public opening was also scheduled for the same day, however it was postponed due to the death of 92-year-old Sheik Saqr bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, the ruler of emirate Ras Al Khaimah.

Ferrari World's officials are said to have been expecting up to 10,000 people on the first day of its opening. Today, it was announced that the 40-acre theme park on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, will open to the public on November 4.

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New Volkswagen Jetta headed to Europe

Volkswagen has announced that the 2011 Jetta will make the 'trip' to its homeland next year and will start at €20,900 in Germany. Promising to inject "a new dimension of quality to the saloons of the compact class," that opening gambit price will get you the 103-horsepower, 1.2 TSI model in Trendline trim. Big spenders can get in at the top of the pile by choosing the Highline trim with the 2.0 TDI DSG for €29,950.

Five engines are available throughout, three gas and two diesels, all of which can be paired with either a manual or DSG dual clutch transmission except for the 103-hp 1.2-liter gas. VW is also touting its BlueMotion Technology tech available on one of the gas and two of the diesel lumps, such as the 1.6 TDI BMT that sips 4.2 l/100 km, or 56 miles per gallon in U.S. parlance. You'll find all the info on the Euro-spec Jettas in the press release after the jump.

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The AutoExec Wheelmate Desk on Amazon

Heh. Check out the user photos here.

Citroën to build Metropolis concept flagship

citroen metropolis concept

The beauty of an automaker entering a completely new market like China is the ability to completely redefine what the brand stands for to local buyers. In the case of France's Citroën, they're going decidedly upmarket, but instead of taking baby steps like turning its C3 econo-hatch into the DS3 premium hatch, the French automaker can start completely from scratch.

According to reports from Europe and China, parent company PSA/Peugeot-Citroën is planning on jump-starting its Asian operations by building a production version of its Metropolis concept, the first design carried out at the company's Shanghai-based design team. Unveiled there in May, the Metropolis stands for the Double Chevron's vision of what the marque could be to upscale Chinese buyers.

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James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 sells for $4.6 million

aston martin db5

At least one lucky bidder has reason to celebrate today after managing to win a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 that was famously used in two classic James Bond movies, Goldfinger and Thunderball.

Harry Yeaggy's winning bid of $4.6 million, which includes 12 percent in auction fees for RM, will see the car that Sean Connery famously piloted make the trek all the way from London to Ohio, U.S.A. Proceeds from the sale will benefit former owner Jerry Lee's eponymous charity.

Apparently, the car is fully roadworthy in the UK, even with its dual machine guns behind the driving lights, revolving license plates, ejector seat, rear blast shield, slicer wheel caps and console-activated oil slicks. Somehow, we imagine Yeaggy won't have nearly as much use for those Q-special features as Bond did.

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Review: Scosche motorMOUTH II Bluetooth

I was recently given a Scosche motorMOUTH II (model BTAXS)
bluetooth gadget to try out.*

The motorMOUTH II is an ingenious idea, one of those "why didn't they think of it sooner!" type things. It is basically a bluetooth headset combined with a stereo mini-jack. Instead of sticking it in your year (that would really hurt) you plut it into your car's aux input. It plays the audio from your phone call, or stereo audio via A2DP, through your car's sound system.

I have been using the gadget for a few days, and I think it is worth buying. If your phone rings, you just change your input to AUX, and press the button on the side to answer the call. You can also use the button hang up, redial, and voice dial (if your phone supports it). It isn't large or obtrusive, and while I didn't care for the shiny plastic microphone end, it isn't ugly. Since it can be plugged directly into a mini stereo jack, it can be installed without wires trailing all over.

Inbound sound quality is reasonably good. Streaming music from my iPod was decent, but not as good as a direct USB connection. I did find that the volume level was a little low, but I was able to compensate it on my head unit by increasing the gain on the AUX input. People I called on the unit told me that I sounded reasonably clear, but occasionally a little "robotic" or "tinny", which suggests that a high level of compression and noise cancellation is going on. My callers were able to understand me even with the car moving at highway speeds, and I didn't have to shout.

The design of this unit suggests an interesting unintended use. If you were to plug this unit into the input jack on your PC sound card, or another recording device, you could easily record telephone conversations, conference calls, or other audio streams that come through your bluetooth connection.

  • Reasonably good incoming audio and A2DP sound quality
  • Good battery life
  • Plugs into your AUX port directly
  • Easy to use (like a bluetooth headphone)
  • Useful accessories included, such as Y adapter, extension cable, dash mount
  • Compact

  • Unit resets when connected to power and drops bluetooth link temporarily.
  • Non-standard power connector, should be micro or mini USB
  • Outgoing sound quality mixed
  • You may need to increase your AUX volume
Overall, I think this is a great gadget, and I would buy one. It is more convenient than a stand-alone bluetooth speaker, or fumbling with an in-ear headset while in the car. And it is quite a bit cheaper, at around $70 (Amazon Link), than an add-on bluetooth module for your factory stereo, which will typically cost around $300.

You can find the PDF manual here.

*Note: a publicist for Scosche sent me a motorMOUTH II to review, I did not purchase this unit with my own money. But I would, because it is good.

Volt Spotting

I saw this Volt parked in Southfield today. A lovely dark red specimin.

Notice how GM is hiding the exhaust. Can you see a tailpipe? The muffler is that light gray thing on the left side. I can't tell where the tail pipe exits, it is well hidden. I'm not sure about the wisdom of the reverse lamp location, it seems like it would get grimy under there from road grime during the winter months.

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Car shipping news

For all businesses around the world especially logistics, economy is the major issue. The good news for car shipping companies is that September recorded its best gains on wall street in 71 years. Some still remain optimistic while others still say a double dip can occur.

For car shippers, the new fuel efficiency limits proposed by the government for 2025 could be a good. On the other hand, Ray Lahood kicked off his 2010 national Distracted Driving Summit imposing stricter enforcement on current regulations as well as introducing new policies for drivers in departments of transportation.

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Honda, Toyota tops consumer reports

Honda Civic

While GM had the biggest improvement — 83% of its vehicles are now considered average or better, which is up from 50% last year — in Consumer Reports’ Predicted Reliability Survey, Honda and Toyota are still the major automakers atop the list. The survey is an annual gauge of how well automakers are progressing in terms of vehicle quality. The metrics may seem strange, but the large sampling size of current owners figures into how CR predicts future reliability.

Tiny Toyota subdivision Scion sits at No. 1 with just three models, and luxury sports car maker Porsche, which is at No. 2, doesn’t really factor into most car shoppers’ consideration set. At Nos. 3 and 4 respectively, Acura and Honda are the real top dogs.

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2011 Subaru Forester gets debut

2011 Subaru Forester

Subaru has released official details on what we will be seeing in the 2011 Forester. The company had previously announced that the new 2.5-liter boxer four-cylinder engine will find its way under the CUV's hood, as will the same turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder found in the current XT. Speaking of the XT, Subaru will now offer the range-topping Forester in XT Premium and XT Touring guises, with Touring trim replacing Limited as the top of the line. That brings along goodies like self-adjusting HID headlights, dual-zone climate control and a backup camera.

Meanwhile, Subaru has packed in a few more goodies on nearly every trim level. Bluetooth hands-free calling and a one-touch up/down driver's window comes standard on every Forester with the exception of the very base model. In addition, it looks like both the 2.5X Premium and 2.5XT Premium will boast a new audio system complete with six speakers, USB and AUX inputs, as well as iPod and Satellite radio capability.

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All about auto shipping

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2011 Cadillac STS

2011 cadillac sts

For 2011, the Cadillac STS doesn’t see as many updates as much as it sees a prominent deletion. This year, the 320-horsepower, 4.6-liter V-8 has been discontinued. The move makes sense, considering the powertrain provided little extra oomph compared with its modern V-6 counterpart and had far worse fuel economy (15/24 mpg city/highway).

Now, the only available powertrain is a 302-hp, 3.6-liter V-6 mated to a six-speed automatic transmission in either rear- or all-wheel drive.The V-6 gets 18/27 mpg with either rear- or all-wheel drive.

Chevy working on Aveo-based crossover

chevrolet aveo

According to the blokes over at Autocar, Chevrolet's Korean arm is furiously working on turning the latest Aveo into a five-door, five-passenger crossover. This CUV version of Chevy's subcompact, which just recently began production in Seoul, South Korea with sales slated for early 2011, will reportedly sport a stretched version of the platform and will be offered in both front-wheel and all-wheel-drive flavors.

Upscale interior bits and pieces are apparently being borrowed from the European Opel parts bin, which should mean good things for the Gamma II-based cute 'ute. Other higher-end specs include a next-gen digital display grafted into the dash that is apparently going to filter across the rest of the Chevrolet lineup.

In related news, the British magazine is also reporting that the four-door sedan version of the new Aveo is likely to be shown off at the next Detroit Auto Show in January. Will a crossover join in on the Aveo's time in the spotlight? We'll be there in DSLRs in tow either way.

Source: Autocar

Disappearing Drive Problem Solved

I have this problem on my Windows 7 desktop PC at home, that from time to time my secondary 1.5TB WD Caviar Green hard drive disappears from the system, as if it wasn't installed at all.

It turns out to be a bug in how Windows wakes up SATA drives--there is a time-out, and apparently some large SATA drives don't wake up fast enough, and are assumed to be missing.

There is a Microsoft hotfix for the problem here.

If your large SATA drive isn't the primary drive, then you won't see the BSOD or error messages, obviously.  Instead it will just be disappearing.

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Rossin-Bertin Vorax: the V10-Powered Supercar from BMW

Rossin Bertin Vorax

Brazil's latest supercar, the Rossin-Bertin Vorax will make its debut at the Sao Paulo Auto Show later this month. Looking a tad like the result of an unfortunate accident between a Nissan Juke and a Mazda RX-8, the Vorax features a carbon fibre body and aluminium chassis. According to its makers, it will weigh in at just 1,300 kg (2,866 lbs) and be powered by the same (albeit tuned) 5.0-liter V10 from the BMW M5.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Of all the phrases in the English language, few are likely to as accurately describe what it's like to drop the hammer on the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport as "absolutely crackers." That is if you're trying to keep things PG, at least. The crew from Autocar managed to beg, borrow and steal their way into the cockpit of what is perhaps our era's pinnacle of production automotive engineering for a quick blast through the European countryside. Fortunately enough for all of you, they were also kind enough to video the whole shebang.

Source: autocar.co.uk

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Toyota to Build Prius Hybrid in Thailand

toyota prius

Toyota today revealed it will begin manufacturing its Prius hybrid in Thailand starting from November. The car will be built at the firm's Gateway Plant, near the Thai capital Bangkok, where it also makes the Corolla, Camry, Camry Hybrid and other models. Thailand will be the third country to make Toyota's popular hybrid after Japan and China.

Source: Toyota

1952 356 Cabriolet - America's oldest Porsche

porsche cabriolet
This is Porsche's 60th anniversary in America, and the automaker began a search in August for the oldest model in the country. Today, it announced the winner: Dr. Robert Wilson's restored 1952 Strawberry Red 356 Cabriolet and its 1.5-liter, 60-horsepower tail-mounted engine. It was brought into the country by the man who brought Porsche to the country in 1950, Max Hoffman.

Turns out there's an even older Porsche here as well, although it was brought here, not sold here. Richard Brumme has a blue 1950 356 Cabriolet, one of the first produced, according to Porsche. The company also sought the oldest models from each of its twelve other lines, and incredibly, almost all of them are on the East Coast. Only two are west of the Mississippi, and one of them is in Texas. A 2006 Cayman is left alone to represent California.

Source: Porsche

Audi hits one million sales in China

Audi has been producing vehicles in the Chinese market since 1988. Fast-forward 22 years into the future and Audi has just sold its one millionth vehicle in China. If you're curious, that one millionth vehicle is a metallic blue Audi Q5.

Audi began its Chinese production with the Audi 100, which was assembled in China from imported knock-down kits. Since the initial agreement signed back in '88, the Changchun assembly plant began doling out Four-Ringed vehicles to an eager market. Of the one million vehicles, 950,000 were produced in Changchun while 50,000 were imported than assembled there. The factory moved on from the Audi 100 and later the Audi 200, and it now produces the altogether modern Q5, A6L and the A4L.

Source: Audi

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Some Double Rainbows

There were some scattered showers this evening, with patches of blue sky, it was very striking. I caught these gigantic double rainbows with my (weak) cell phone camera.

Gogogear Racing Hyundai Genesis Coupe

hyundai genesis coupeSEMA vehicles come in two main flavors: dropped and Dubbed, or race-prepped and rimmed. This Hyundai Genesis Coupe from GogoGear.com Racing obviously falls into the latter, and it "emphasizes racing reliability and high-end performance capabilities." Not only that, but it apparently took some help from Hyundai's California Design Center to create the yellow and silver paintwork.

GogoGear.com says "the aim" is to get the engine to produce 330 horsepower and 280 pound-feet, which shouldn't be a problem. A Ground Control suspension keeps it appropriately snug to the bitumen, and StopTech brakes keep speed under control when corners approach. After we get a close look at this one at SEMA, it'll be competing in next year's U.S. Touring Car Championship, and there's a chance it'll show up at Time Attack events. More information can be found in the press release after the jump.

Source: Hyundai

New Audi Q7 3.0 TDI with 204HP V6 Diesel

Audi Q7
A new EU5-compliant diesel engine has been added to the European range of its recently updated Audi Q7. The 3.0 liter V6 common-rail turbo diesel that drives Audi's large SUV delivers an output of 204HP (150 kW) and 450 Nm (331.90 lb-ft) of peak torque available between 1,250 and 2,750 rpm.

As with all Q7 models, the 3.0 TDI features a start-stop system that deactivates the engine as soon as the vehicle comes to a stop, and an energy recovery system that stores energy during deceleration, as standard. An eight-speed tiptronic transmission and quattro permanent all-wheel drive round out the drivetrain package.

ಮಂಗಳವಾರ, ಅಕ್ಟೋಬರ್ 19, 2010

Mercedes-Benz prices new biturbo V8 models

2011 mercedes benz cl63
Ready to experience the thrill of a twin-turbocharged 5.5-liter V8 that produces 536 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque? Unfortunately, that kind of excitement doesn't come cheap. Mercedes-Benz has announced pricing for its upcoming 2011 CL63 AMG coupe and S63 AMG sedan. The two-door starts at $151,125 and the four-door will set you back at least $138,875. Both are available with the optional AMG Performance Package, which ups the power output to 563 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque. A little lower on the power pole sits the restyled 2011 CL550 4MATIC, which starts at $114,025, and is motivated by a 4.6-liter V8 which produces 429 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque.

The 4.6-liter unit is 20 percent smaller, in terms of displacement, than the engine it replaces, yet produces 12 percent more horsepower, 32 percent more torque and improves fuel economy by 10 percent. The AMG mill also sees considerable gains in power, and thanks to direct-injection and the use of start/stop technology it sees a 20 percent rise in fuel economy

2011 Hyundai Equus Flagship Starts at $58,900

Hyundai Equus
Hyundai's second attempt at the luxury segment after the Genesis, the all-new Equus full-size sedan, will arrive in U.S. showrooms in December with prices set at US$58,900 for the Signature version and US$64,900 for the Ultimate that gets all the bells and whistles, the South Korean automaker announced today.

Both prices include a $900 destination charge as well as free maintenance for 5 years or 60,000 miles, a complimentary valet service which includes a dealership employee picking up and delivering the car for maintenance, and an iPad that replaces the traditional owner's manual.

Not surprisingly, the Equus is priced much lower than other entry-level proposals in the in the luxury full-size sedan segment such as the Mercedes S-Class [S400 295HP V6 Hybrid $91,000], BMW 7-Series [740i 315HP six-cylinder $70,650] and the Jaguar XJ [385HP 5.0L V8 $72,700] and Lexus LS [LS 460 380HP 4.6L V8 $65,380].

Porsche hybrid version - 918 Spyder to follow Panamera Hybrid

In the ever-growing world of automotive efficiency, more and more sports car manufacturers have decided to get in the game of providing more efficient speed. Now, Porsche has taken it one step further, committing to a hybrid version of each of its models in order to get its average CO2 emissions down to 216 g/km by 2015.

Shocking News: Americans Won't Pay More For Electric Cars

From Edmunds Green Car Advisor:

About two out of three Americans say they wouldn't be willing to pay more for an electric car than for a comparable gas-powered vehicle, while just 17 percent said they'd pay more than a $5,000 premium for an EV, Nielsen Co. said, citing its September poll of more than 2,300 people.

I guess the good news is that about 30% of Americans would pay extra for an electric car--but most of them would not pay more $5,000.  

To me, the reason is obvious.  People are still mostly motivated by costs, not by environmentalism, and the reduced range of an electric vehicle is also a point of concern for the average person.  Now, if gas prices would stabilize around $4/gallon, I am sure the numbers would shift.

When the car transport companies deliver your car?

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2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
At some point, the minds at Hyundai got serious about the company's mid-sized sedan game. Seemingly in a heartbeat, the Korean manufacturer went from being completely under the radar of the average American family sedan buyer to a viable alternative to default buys like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. That jump fell solely on the shoulders of the all-new 2011 Sonata, a sedan that has so far delivered the kind of styling, efficiency and low MSRP that sends consumers scrambling for their checkbook. But if you want to go the full distance in this segment, you had better come to the fight packing more than just a competent base model.

That's something you don't need to tell Hyundai. The company has shored up its Sonata line with a potent turbocharged 2.0-liter model designed to tango with V6-equipped competitors as well as the car you see above – a hybrid model that comes loaded with nearly all of the latest and greatest tech to keep fuel consumption at a minimum. Is it enough to put the Sonata Hybrid ahead of the electrified versions of the heavy hitters already prowling the scene? We took the wheel to find out.

1985 288 GTO - World's fastest ferrari

1985 288 GTO
We've seen a lot of special action from the Bonneville Salt Flats this year, but this just about takes the cake. The guys from P4 by Norwood, a Ferrari tuning shop, are laying claim to the title of the World's Fastest Ferrari with a record run of 275.4 mph averaged over two sprints. Using a stock-bodied 1985 288 GTO, owner Steve Trafton managed to snag not only the title of world's fastest Ferrari, but the world's fastest sports car (AA/BFMS) at the same time. The Prancing Horse beat out the previous record holder by just over 3 mph.

Interestingly enough, Thrafton skipped using a high-dollar Italian mill for this car's beating heart. Instead, there's a 540 cubic-inch big block General Motors V8 wedged down into that slinky body. Two Borg Warner 80-mm turbos help shove a full 17 pounds of boost into the eight-pot. Thrafton isn't saying exactly how much power the car is laying down, but it has to be enough to move a planet on command if need be. Hit the jump to watch the Ferrari do what it does best on the Utah salt.

Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

Mahindra Trucks... Still Dead

Despite some sputtering noises to the contrary, it appears to me that Mahindra's plan to import diesel light trucks into the U.S. is still quite dead.

In addition to jerking around the dealer network and potential customers, and creating ill will, Mahindra has to overcome a legal battle with its original distributor, Global Vehicles.

Also, not to pile on or anything, but while Mahindra may have certified its emissions for the EPA, I have not heard anything about NHTSA certification to FMVSS or crash testing.

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Auto car shipping

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Subaru Forester S-Edition - A Sporty new model

subaru forester s-edition
The Sydney Motor Show doesn't grab the full attention of the global media like Paris or Geneva, though this latest bit of news from Subaru certainly piques our interest. We had heard rumblings of a more potent Subaru crossover before, and now this, the Forester S-Edition concept, previews what the automaker says is "an exciting development in our Forester range" set to debut early next year.

Subaru has boosted the Forester XT's turbocharged 2.5-liter flat-four up to 259 horsepower and 256 pound-feet of torque, gains of 32 and 20, respectively over the normal Australian model. That power runs through a five-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters and a new variable torque distributing all-wheel-drive system keeps things in check on the road. Other enhancements include a revised sport suspension, 17-inch STI wheels, Alcantara seat trim and S-Edition badging throughout.

Source: Subaru

Supercharged Corvette Z06 by Romeo Ferraris

supercharged corvette z06Think of the words Romeo and Ferraris and you're bound to think of Italian cars, right? Maybe so, but the two together form the name of an Italian tuning house. And while many of their subjects have been Italian themselves, Romeo Ferraris has been scoping out foreign territory as well.

The latest is the Corvette Z06. And why shouldn't it be? The 'Vette has a long history of customization at Italian hands. But those have mostly been cosmetic coachbuilding jobs. This is another story altogether.

RF has taken the Z06 and fitted a supercharger to the 7.0-liter LS7 V8. The result? 667 horsepower and 607 lb-ft of twist. The centrifugal compressor, aluminum intercooler, high-flow injectors and custom exhaust help it get to 62 mph in 3.3 seconds and up to 211 mph – assuming you can get all that power down – while 380mm/6-pot brakes up front and 345/4-pot brakes out back help it come back to a stop.

ಶುಕ್ರವಾರ, ಅಕ್ಟೋಬರ್ 15, 2010

Paris 2010: 2011 Audi A1 TFSI

2011 Audi A1 TFSI
Audi surprised us all when it took the wraps off its top-of-the-line A1 TFSI hatchback packing everything but the kitchen sink...and the S1 nameplate. The reason, according to reports, was that every S model in the company's history has featured Quattro all-wheel drive, but the PQ25 platform on which the A1 is based can't accommodate it. At least, not yet.

The UK's Autocar now suggests, however, that a business case is being made inside the Volkswagen Group to engineer the platform to accept the extra driveshaft. Doing so would allow for proper Quattro-driven S1, but that's not all. In order to justify the cost, the Volkswagen Polo could get a couple of models driven on all fours, including a Polo R hot hatch to slot in above the Polo GTI and a CrossPolo soft-roader with actual traction to back up its butch styling.

Top 10 reliable cars of the last decade

Read on for a list of the top 10 most reliable cars over the last decade. Lets congratulate Honda Accord which ranked at number one and to Honda, Nissan and Toyota who all managed two cars in the top 10.

Honda Accord: Honda Accord is a series of mid-size automobiles manufactured by Honda and sold in automotive markets throughout the world since 1976. The name ‘Accord’ was chosen, reflecting “Honda’s desire for accord and harmony between society and the automobile.”

Subaru Forester: Subaru Forester is an all-wheel drive wagon manufactured by Subaru since 1997. Subaru Forester marketed as a Compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) was introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 1995 and was made available for sale from February 1997 in Japan, and from 1998 in US.

Mazda MX-5: Mazda MX-5 is a two-seater sports roadster built by Mazda in Hiroshima. This model was introduced in 1989 and continues to be one of the best selling cars.The 2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata’s reliability score is 6.0 out of 10 which was the Predicted Reliability rating provided by J.D. Power and Associates.

Mitsubishi Carisma: Mitsubishi Carisma is a large family car produced by Mitsubishi Motors from 1995 to 2004. It’s name was derived from a combination of the English car and the Greek kharisma, meaning “divine gift”.

Toyota Yaris: Toyota Yaris is a subcompact car produced by Toyota. Between 1999 and 2005, some markets sold this car as ’Toyota Echo’.

Honda Civic: Honda Civic belongs to a series of subcompact and subsequently compact cars developed and manufactured by Honda. The 2010 Honda Civic’s reliability score is 8.0 out of 10.

Nissan Almera: Nissan Almera is a medium sized family car manufactured by Nissan from 1995 to 2006. The name ‘Almera’ was essentially the European export-market name for the Nissan Pulsar / Nissan Sentra / Nissan Bluebird Sylphy. The 2010 Honda CR-V reliability score is 9.0 out of 10.

Honda CR-V: Honda CR-V is a compact SUV manufactured by Honda since 1996. This model was derived from Honda Civic to satisfy a demand for a sport-utility vehicle from Honda.

Toyota RAV4: Toyota RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by Toyota. It was the first compact crossover SUV, introduced in 1994 in Japan and Europe. The 2010 Toyota RAV4 reliability score is 7.0 out of 10.

Nissan Micra: Nissan Micra models are available one in diesel and three in petrol. All these models offer a good blend of performance and economy. The smallest 1.2-litre petrol would be a good choice for those looking to save a few pennies.

Source: car craze

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Toyota iQ Disco

toyota iq disco
If you thought the recently green-lit Aston Martin Cygnet is little more than an over-glitzed version of the Toyota iQ, then you've got another thing coming. Well, to Germany, anyway. And it comes straight from Toyota.

It's called the iQ Disco, and it's here to remind us that if you like the latter, the former needn't apply. Fortunately it's a promotional one-off. Aside from the disco-ball mirror finish, the show car features Lambo doors, multi-spoke 18-inch alloys and a full DJ booth, complete with a set of Numark NDX 800 turntables and a two-channel mixer pumping through 1000 watts and 130 dB worth of speakers and amplifiers.

Suddenly that gilded Fiat 500 looks decidedly tasteful. The iQ Disco will be hitting the floor at a concert in Cologne and will then tour Toyota's dealerships across Germany as a promotional tour.

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What are the different methods of car shipping?

The car shipping companies provide two types of methods for car shipping and they are open and enclosed method. If you want limited budget transportation, you can prefer for the open car shipping method and in this method, your car is transported along with more than five cars and the truck used is of open type in top. In the enclosed mode, you can transport only two to three cars at a time and it is called as the safer mode of car shipping because it uses the enclosed type of truck for car transportation.

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E15: Good For Corn Farmers, Confusing For The Rest Of Us

EPA is announcing today that they are ready to approve E15 (15% ethanol) gasoline blends, but only for 2007 model year and newer vehicles.

That's silly.

Are gas station owners really going to set aside one or two pumps for E15, and label them?   Consumers would then be faced with 5 types of gasoline choose from: base, mid-grade, premium, E85, and E15.  Some people will be confused and put E15 in pre 2007 vehicles.  Others will be confused and shun E15.  

EPA should have waited to see if E15 was good for all "modern" vehicles, and then switched E10 to E15, since they are apparently required to enrich the corn farmers and ethanol refiners.

People running E15 should expect to see a small degradation in fuel economy.  Since ethanol is about 25% less energy rich than gasoline, switching from E10 to E15 should look like a 1.3% fuel economy reduction, or about 0.4 mpg in a car that averages 27 mpg.  Switching from E0 to E15 will cost about 3.8%, or about 1 mpg.

ಮಂಗಳವಾರ, ಅಕ್ಟೋಬರ್ 12, 2010

2011 Infiniti M37

2011 Infiniti M37
Not too long ago, the Infiniti M was the lesser sibling to the flagship Q. It was the middle child. During the 2006 model year, when the Q was less than a year from being dropped from the lineup, Infiniti gave the M a strong shove in the back in the form of a 4.5-liter V8 and quietly told it to climb up on the soon-to-be-vacant throne. With the Q gone and unlikely to return anytime soon, the Infiniti M is now tasked with being the automaker's flagship sedan.

Completely redesigned for the 2011 model year, the Infiniti M is bigger and better than its predecessors ever were, but it still can't fill the Q's empty shoes. Shorted the substance and stature to battle the Lexus LS, the newest Japanese luxury sedan is relegated to fighting wars with the aged Lexus GS and Acura RL. But those two are the easy enemies. BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac are the ones fielding today's worthy adversaries.

Source: Autoblog

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Wiesmann coupe prototype looking sinister

wiesmann coupe prototype
Wiesmann, builder of exotic sport coupes that boast BMW power, has been working out a problem. The issue is that its sporty two-door MF5 and GT MF5 both featured V10 Teutonic muscle, but that engine has since been put to sleep. Apparently, they've now figured out what mill they want to place under their cars' long snouts. Spy photographers in Germany managed to capture a blacked-out Wiesmann GT MF5 taking a cruise and stopping for fuel.

Wiesmann have stated that even though the V10 has gone away, the MF5 will not. New versions will be produced utilizing an as-yet unannounced BMW engine. Our guess? The new 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that will be found in the next-generation BMW M5/M6. That would be a nice jump in power for the Wiesmann MF5, since the V10 was rated at 500 horsepower and the new twin-turbo V8 is rated closer to 560 hp.

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1985 Saab 900 Turbo limousine

1985 saab 900 turbo limousine
Known as "The Classic" among brand fans, the first generation Saab 900 enjoyed a seriously long production run from 1978 to 1993. It was offered as a coupe, sedan, three and five-door hatchback and even a convertible version. One body style the car car not offered in, however, was that of a stretched limousine. But that little omission apparently didn't stop one determined Saab owner with plans for his 1985 900 Turbo. The mad scientist decided to add six feet to the 184.1-inch length of the original car. The result is a five-speed manual transmission equipped Saab 900 Turbo limousine, and it can be parked in your driveway for $12,500.

The owner has posted his turbocharged limo on SaabNet and states he states that the vehicle is very clean and runs great. It has 145,000 miles on the odometer, which for a 900 Turbo is barely middle-age. A first generation Saab 900 is pretty cool, and a turbocharged limo with a manual gearbox is certainly unique. We only wish we could see what has been done to the interior, but alas, there are no photos and with limo-tinted windows, there's no peeking inside, either. The asking price seems a bit steep compared to what a normal 900 Turbo might command, but this might be the only limo that would be at home running the prom circuit as it would a Swedish forest rally stage, and that's gotta be worth something.

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The Semiotics Of Volt: The Meaning Of "Direct"

GM's clarification about how the Volt powertain has an interesting statement:

There is no direct mechanical connection (fixed gear ratio) between the Volt's extended-range 1.4L engine and the drive wheels.

Note how GM defines "direct mechanical connection" as "fixed gear ratio".  However, to a technically minded reader this sounds like semantic squirming.   

Here is how it works.  There is a planetary gearset.  In the Volt, the outer ring is locked by a clutch, and is also connected to the gas engine and generator motor.  The generator can be used to recharge the battery, or to produce torque.  

When the ring gear is locked ("grounded") to the transaxle case (C1 locked), there is no torque path from the gas engine to the wheels, which are connected to the planetary gears.  If C1 is unlocked, C2 and C3 are locked, then torque flows from the gas engine to the wheels.

The point is, there is definitely a mechanical connection from the gasoline engine to the wheels, because the clutches can be commanded to send torque to the  ring gear and therefore out to the wheels.   

Honda UK shows 2011 Civic Hatch

2011 Honda Civic UK
Honda has just released details on what buyers in the UK can expect to see from the 2011 Civic. The company has kept the changes to its spacey-looking five-door largely cosmetic, including a new grille up front. The company says that piece borrows cues from the legendary Type R, and if you squint your eyes enough, you can almost see the resemblance. A new range of wheels is also available for next year ranging in size from 16 to 17 inches depending on engine and trim level. There's also a new Ionized Bronze paint color available across the lineup.

Inside, Honda has moved to up the ante ever so slightly. SE and ES trims will now boast seats that are covered in half fabric and half Alcantara, while the Si guise now comes with heated front thrones. Otherwise, the vehicle stays much the way it was for 2010. Under the hood, buyers are still greeted with the familiar 1.4 and 1.8-liter powerplants, and the horsepower figures haven't moved from last year's numbers, either. Hit the jump for the full press release.

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ಸೋಮವಾರ, ಅಕ್ಟೋಬರ್ 11, 2010

Volt Frenzy, Part III

After doing some reading around, it does seem like the blogosphere overreacted to the news that the Volt's gasoline engine *gasp* can actually help push the front wheels.

My conclusion is that it doesn't really matter. Since a gasoline engine was put on-oard to charge the battery, the Volt was never going to be a pure electric car. From the very beginning, it was thought to be a "series hybrid" (gas to electric to wheels), but now we see that it is really a "series/parallel hybrid" (gas to electric and gas to wheels).

So what?

If you drive less than about 40 miles per day, it will act more or less like an electric car, carrying around some extra weight in the form of a vestigial gas tank and small engine. If you always remember to plug it in, and never put a drop of gasoline in it, it should work fine*.

If I understand the design correctly, the difference in how the Volt operates and how a Prius operates isn't significant, except that one is tuned to rely more on its electric power path, and the other is tuned to rely more on its gasoline power path. It seems to me that GM could, with software changes, tune the Volt to work like a Prius. They could use the gasoline engine to send more torque to the wheels, and less to charge the huge battery.

*Actually, we need to ask GM... can the Volt run without a drop of gas in it, ever? Or will it annoy the user with warnings and chimes because it wants to run the gas engine from time to time to keep it fresh?

The Telegraph Rumor Was True!

A few months back, this article in the Telegraph caused a stir among the Volt followers. In it, Andrew English quotes an Opel engineer working on the Ampera (Euro Volt):

"We are considering driving the wheels directly from the petrol engine," says Andreas Voight, an Opel project engineer.

The Car Connection, wanting a clarification, went to GM and asked about this. GM responded with two points:
"We're definitely not making any changes,"


Peterson also directly refuted English's claims regarding the Volt's high-speed need for the gasoline engine, stating that during the 40-mile electric-only range, there is no circumstance under which the gasoline range extender will turn on--no matter the power draw or speed. Beyond that range, it supples ample power for the electric motors, whatever the driving conditions.

Now, the "no changes" comment is a bit of a red herring, because the original article was under the misconception that the planetary gearset link between the engine and axles was new. So GM was able to give a correct answer to the wrong question.

But on the more direct question, GM appears to have claimed that the gasoline engine will not be needed in the first 40 miles, and that it supplies "ample power... whatever the conditions".

It is possible that in the testing and calibration optimization work late in the program, that GM's powertrain engineers discovered that they couldn't meet certain requirements (highway acceleration?) unless they blended in some good old fashioned fossil fuel-to-the-rubber torque. In which case, GM wasn't trying to mislead, they just didn't know yet.

Edmunds: "GM Lied",

Edmunds' Mike Magrath writes, in very strong terms, about the admission in an online interview that yes, the Volt's gasoline engine can send torque to the drive wheels, if needed.  

"flat-out lie to make things look better."

This is a devastating PR failure for GM.  After the long and massive build-up for the Volt, and the swearing up and down that it was a "range extended EV", this makes GM look really desperate for public approval, and ready to play semantic games to look better than they really are.

A true, pure,  "range extended electric vehicle" would have no mechanical torque path from the engine to the wheels, in the minds of the EV boosters and automotive bloggers.  To electric car fans, the Volt was just demoted to a plug-in gasoline hybrid, with a large electric reserve, but a PHEV nonetheless.  The Volt will now be compared not with the Nissan Leaf, but with the Prius plug-in.  And when Ford brings out its electric Focus, it will be able to claim the first new American all-electric sedan.

What GM did was take a similar architecture to the Prius or Ford hybrid, and do two things--add a much larger battery pack, and tune the software so that the car "chooses not to" use its gasoline engine for propulsion except for rare circumstances.  So it is a PHEV trained to act more like an EV than an HEV.  

The question now is, how will the public react?  Will they listen to the bloggers and EV enthusiasts, that Volt is not literally an all electric vehicle, or will they agree with GM, that since it runs almost all the time on only on electric torque, it is effectively a range extended EV?

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Why car shipping service is essential?

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SSC Ultimate Aero II Images

ssc ultimate aero 2
Top Gear has let loose another batch of pics showcasing the SSC Ultimate Aero II. In addition to the tantalizing imagery, we get some facts and figures. For starters, this new Ultimate Aero is powered by a 6.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that can scream up to a 9,000 rpm redline. Power? 1,350 horses, every last drop of which will be needed to hit the targeted top speed of 275 mph. Obviously, this rocketship won't be available for short money; it's going to cost $970,000.

SSC aims to recapture the production car speed record it initially took away from Bugatti, which responded this year by building the Veryron Supersport just to get it back. Shelby Supercars believes the Ultimate Aero II will once again allow it to take back the speed crown.

Source: Top Gear

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2012 Honda Civic Sedan

It would appear that the timing for the 2012 Honda Civic's unveiling has reached the "any day now" point. Car magazine's Middle East outpost caught the latest version of the popular econo-sedan undergoing desert testing, basically devoid of camouflage. If you were waiting with bated breath for an extraordinarily new and different-looking Civic, stop reading. The 2010 car falls solidly into the "extensive refresh" category rather than a full redesign.

As you can see in the spy video, the front and rear fascias are updated; a new grille and bumper appear up front, while out back, all-new taillamps will be the most distinguishing visual element on the 2012 car. The overall profile of the Honda Civic sedan is clearly a carryover, however.

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Sharron Angle on Dearborn

Sharron Angle, a Republican candidate who is trying to unseat Harry Reid in Nevada, was recorded at a town hall meeting answering a question from a guy concerned about creeping Sharia law in the U.S. The left has latched onto her quote as proof that she's an anti-Muslim bigot and a crackpot.

I thought I would get to the bottom of it, so I downloaded and listened to the audio recording (available here) of the event. The remarks of interest start at about 43:00, "My question is very controversial..."

Here is what she said, if I am understanding the audio clearly:

OK, we're talking about a militant... um... terrorist situation. It... I believe it isn't a wide spead thing, but...
it is enough that we need to address, and we have been addressing it. Um, uh, my thoughts are these, first of all, Dearborn Michigan and Frankfurt Texas are on American soil, and under constitutional law, not sharia law, and I don't know how that happens [noisy] in the United States. It seems to me that there is something fundamentally wrong with allowing a foreign system of law to take even hold in any, um, municipality or government situation in our United States.

Um, as far as the mosque at ground zero, I made my own statement when that was first brought up, I'm a personal property rights defender...

Now, the non-charitable way to read this is that she is agreeing with the questioner that Dearborn is under sharia law. However, she is clearly fumbling around at first, with lots of stuttering and "ums". I think what she may have meant to say is that Sharia is not really an issue ("isn't a wide spread thing", "Dearborn... under constitutional law, not sharia law") but that she is against it ("fundamentally wrong with allowing"). She then goes on to talk at length about the mosque at ground zero, more smoothly, which is probably the question she was prepared for.

An experienced pol would have skipped the stuttering, said "I'm not aware of the situation in Dearborn, but in general, I'm not for allowing sharia law..."

As an occasional visitor to Dearborn, I can attest that there is significant cultural friction between the Muslim population and the other, mostly Christian ethnic groups, but they don't have anything like Sharia yet.

Between Angles stumbling and the poor audio quality, I am not sure you can use this to show she's unhinged. At worst I think it shows someone fumbling for an answer and botching the delivery.

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Secretary LaHood, Man Of LaMancha

Secretary of Transportation Roy Lahood is advocating bans on in vehicle cell phone use, even of the hands-free variety.  

I don't think it is going to happen--people like the ability to make hands-free calls.

Much bigger safety gains might be made by training people to follow basic traffic rules, like not driving slow in the left lane, and wearing seatbelts.  Approximately 18% of all U.S. drivers still don't regularly wear their seatbelts! (source)

ಗುರುವಾರ, ಅಕ್ಟೋಬರ್ 7, 2010

What is trucking industry?

Trucking Industry plays an importantl role in providing transportation and distribution service in American economy. It transports and distributes commercial as well as industrial goods by using commercial motor vehicles (CMV), which are most often trucks.

You will be amazed to know that over eighty per cent of all communities in the US depend on trucking industry to deliver all of their fuel, medicine, clothing and other consumer goods. The trucking industry employs approximately 10 million people out of a total population of 300 million in jobs that relate directly to trucking. Though trucking industry is the industry of small business but if ever there is any work strike or other consequence leading to halt in the truck traffic, there would be a considerable shortage of necessary supplies across a wide range of commerce and industry.Car shipping by trucks also plays a major role in this.

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Fiesta to dominate Ford booth

We've only just gotten over our jet lag from the Paris Motor Show, but there's no stopping the yearly auto expo schedule and the aftermarket insanity that is the annual SEMA show is just around the corner.

This year's show will see the Ford Motor Company continuing to make a lot of noise with its effervescent little subcompact juggernaut, the Fiesta, along with a string of debuts planned from various tuners. But that isn't stopping the Blue Oval from bringing a little heat of its own to the Las Vegas show floor, including a concept car that features a 350-horsepower 2.3-liter four-pot (a bored-out version of the production 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine) and a slew of off-the-shelf Ford Racing Performance parts.

Also on the floor will be a series of other Fiesta showcars including models put together by 3dCarbon, H&R Springs, FSWerks and Steeda Autosports, among others.

We'll be on-hand to capture all the zaniness that is SEMA from November 2 through November 5, so stay tuned. While you're waiting, however, be sure to check out our gallery below and Ford's official release after the jump.

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Mercedes-Benz CLS to go green

2012 mercedes benz cls class
At the Mercedes press conference during last week's Paris Auto Show, the company rolled out its CLS – the car everyone was really there to see – for dessert. We couldn't have our pudding without eating our meat, though, so there were five courses served before it: the Smart Ad Lib, Smart scooter, Smart bicycle, Mercedes A-Class E-Cell, and a 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel S-Class, throughout which time Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche and Smart head Annette Winkler took a good thirty minutes to stress the consumer and environmental friendliness of the brand's offerings.

This will not be an isolated incident, either. Zetsche said "We want to be efficiency world champions ... and we will be," and to do so will require initiatives that were "previously unthinkable," such as the hybrid S-Class and the coming four-cylinder. While there's no timeline placed on his pronouncement, it is clear that if M-B is going to stay with BMW and Audi in the emissions and efficiency stakes it will need to take a sledgehammer to conventional ideas of the brand.

Audi has laid out its electronic initiatives and BMW has its Efficient Dynamics, but so far Mercedes has only laid out a range of different projects under no particular umbrella, such as an all-hybrid S-Class line, more efficient ICE engines, and a new range of small cars for America. We wait to see if there is one particular way M-B will ultimately go to fulfill its aim... and if that way will include euthanizing Maybach...

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ಬುಧವಾರ, ಅಕ್ಟೋಬರ್ 6, 2010

2011 Ford Fiesta

2011 ford fiesta
With 3,050 September sales in North America, the Ford Fiesta is just now beginning to move off dealer lots. And while it's far too early to declare The Blue Oval's premium subcompact a success or failure, the folks in Dearborn have to be pleased with one crucial statistic. Car buyers driving off the dealer lot in a new Fiesta are paying a substantial premium over the handsome runt's $13,999 base price.

Bloomberg reports that the average transaction price of a Fiesta is between $3,000 and $4,000 beyond the base MSRP, or more money than customers are paying for the larger (and soon-to-depart) Ford Focus. Given the fact that the Fiesta is newer, fresher, and more heavily marketed than the Focus, we're not all that surprised, but perhaps more shocking is the fact that the Fiesta also has a higher average transaction price than the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic – both of which are class-above vehicles.

That the Fiesta is selling for premium dollar is no big surprise to Ford, as the automaker decided early on to equip the B-Segment seedling with the same top tech that is typically found in larger, more expensive fare. It helps that Ford has already experienced plenty of Fiesta success in other parts of the world, with 940,000 copies already sold to date. And in those other markets, Ford has achieved strikingly similar model mixes as what is being indicated early on in the States. The top trim Fiesta accounts for 39 percent of U.S. sales, compared to a 42 percent mix in Europe, which accounts for 85 percent of global sales.

Ford is also attracting younger, more affluent customers with an impressive 60 percent buying a Ford product for the first time. We're thinking the early returns are just about everything Dearborn was hoping for save perhaps for total volume, so we'll hold off our praise until we see if Fiesta's overall sales numbers climb now that supply issues have been sorted.

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2011 Infiniti G25

2011 Infiniti G25
Thanks to years of dedicated work and impressive engineering, Infiniti has earned a reputation for being the "Japanese BMW." Like the German automaker, Infiniti's U.S. entries are decidedly more performance oriented, but the brand's decision to install the naturally-aspirated 2.5-liter V6 in its G Sedan had us wondering if things were changing... and not for the better.

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Working of car shipping in U.S

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You car shipping company will also provide you drive away services by which you can hand over you car to the car transporter’s driver, who can drop your car safely to the destination required. This will keep you away from the hassle of driving on own and can also protect your car from the damage caused during shipping. If you choose to ship your vehicle via trailer offered by car transport company, you can add some of your belongings in car trailer or carrier for shipping. This is usually cheap method of car transportation.

This is how a car shipping company in US works.

2011 Dodge Charger

2011 dodge charger
The hotly anticipated 2011 Dodge Charger has beat a path onto the Internet in a million little ways, but this is the first complete, undisguised look that we have of the redesigned muscle sedan after a seemingly endless stream of spy shots and leaks.

Under that big hood, Chrysler confirms that the 2011 Charger will receive both the 5.7-liter V8 Hemi and the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 as expected. All-wheel drive will be available in R/T trim, and the system includes a front-axle disconnect function to aid in fuel economy, meaning that when it isn't needed, the AWD Charger ought to behave like its rear-drive counterpart. The Ontario, Canada-built Charger is expected to rumble into showrooms before the year is out.

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2011 Infiniti IPL G Coupe

infiniti ipl gcoupe
Our waiting Infiniti IPL G Coupe idles curbside. Exiting its enormous Thermos-sized chrome exhaust tips, the invisible waveforms invite a closer listen. The baritone note suggests power, with a cadence that is is lumpy, sounding closer to a V8 with a heavy cam than any V6 we've ever heard. A harbinger of things to come, or just an evil audible tease? We had flown to California's Napa Valley to find out, but first we needed some context.

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ಸೋಮವಾರ, ಅಕ್ಟೋಬರ್ 4, 2010

Tips on car shipping insurance

We all know that while driving a car we need insurance, like that we also need insurance while shipping your car. While transporting your car it would be better if you double check car shipping company’s policies, otherwise you have to pay bills for all the scratches, dents or worse. Many trustworthy companies do provide insurance to cover damage that may occur while the car is in transit. Before you trust any auto transport company, just check out certain important points regarding auto shipping insurance.

While choosing the auto shipping, you can ask them to show their insurance certificate. By law, it is important to have one. Do ask questions like types of insurance policies they have. Will the car damage be covered that occurred during transit? And are other parts of the car also covered? Will you be asked to pay a deductible? All the promises made by the auto shipping company should be in writing. Most of the auto shipping companies do provide insurance coverage for your vehicle. Before you hand over the keys, remove all the personal items from car. Some of the reasons for removing personal items are – insurance is not covered for any objects kept inside the car, any extra weight in the car could damage the vehicle’s exhaust system and objects inside the car could move around and damage the interior.

When you hand over the vehicle to the transport truck driver he will check the car and note down all the damages before loading it. Do take some photos so that you can remember the damages that are already in the car. Again inspection process takes place, but this time to check any damages that have occurred during auto shipping. It is important to note down all the damages, if any, occurred during transit on the condition report before you accept the car. If you are getting your car at night, inspect the car under bright lights so that you don’t miss anything. If any damage has incurred during transit note it down in the bill of lading, and make the driver sign the document. You can ask for reimbursement directly from the auto shipping company. If auto shipping company has not treated you fairly during claim process you can file a complaint with local Better Business Bureau.

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ಭಾನುವಾರ, ಅಕ್ಟೋಬರ್ 3, 2010

Ferrari California featuring HELE system

ferrari california
The theme shown at this years Paris Motor Show, is automakers showing vehicles which don't seem to relate with the company's past history. Ferrari just added a vehicle fitted with a HELE system to the growing list. HELE means High Emotion Low Emissions and is a system designed to reduce C02 emissions.

The HELE System works by utilizing a start/stop function that can restart the car in 230 milliseconds, an intelligent engine fan and fuel pump control, electronically controlled variable displacement air-conditioning technology and adaptive gear shifts. The result is a 23 percent reduction in C02 emissions.

We may think that automakers are moving away from their traditional vehicles, but it's these cars that allow them to build the ones we love. For example, there would be no Porsche GT2 RS without the Cayenne. The Ferrari California fitted with the HELE System shows that the purveyor of the Prancing Horse understands the world is constantly changing – and Ferrari is doing its best to continue to build the cars it's known for while staying in tune with the current climate of the world.

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